Early childhood education book for using language (vocabulary and sign language) to improve interactions with children. This guide helps parents and educators speak and communicate optimally with the children in their care -- at home or in the classroom.

The U School Lexicon

The language that lays the foundation of the Ubuntu Communities Approach as used at the U School.

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This book is a manual for the Mindful Parents and Educators course offered at the U School in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It includes an introduction to mindfulness practice for parents and educators, and an extension for mindful practice with young children.

Mindful Parents & Educators

This coursework book accompanies the Mindful Parents and Educators program led by Charlie Sutherland.

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I cannot stop opening this book [the Lexicon]. It is very easy to read through, and it is useful for problems inside and outside the classroom. Most importantly, it is rooted in empathy with peace and ubuntu as the end goal. I love that there are specific story starter scenarios that can be tailored to any situation that may happen inside and outside the classroom!

Natalie C.

The Lexicon terminology frames the social-emotional environment of young children in a simple, but meaningful manner, that people at varying levels of executive functioning can understand and utilize.

Ryan B.

[Mindful Parents and Educators] has really helped our dynamic in our household. When our kids are having tantrums and we’re all having a tough time, we bring out these meditation techniques. Our kids are three and a half now and they are starting to ask to meditate with us!

Joe D.